Apr 11, 2011

Do you remember Pinky?

Lee, The Turkey Whisperer, just sent me this recent picture of Pinky. Handsome!!! 

If you'll recall, Pinky had been shot with a hunting arrow near Castro Valley. The arrow went straight through. He limped, but was flighted, so no organization - no agency would help catch him. Then finally - weeks later, we got word of this bird's predicament. 

It took time, and many trips to Castro Valley, but we captured him and took him to International Bird Rescue for treatment. Here's some of the news coverage.

Pinky's success story is a valuable lesson on many levels. First of all, flighted birds CAN be caught - you just have to have the patience and skill. His recovery also illustrates how wild animals with serious injuries can and do recover under the expert care of a wildlife rehabilitator. 

Pinky's story is also an excellent example of an animal that was given the chance to live wild and free though he limped. You see, the arrow had fractured his femur - it had also acted as a splint, allowing the bones to fuse back together during those weeks before he was captured. Many one-legged birds (and some mammals) can survive in the wild despite their handicap. Within reason, we believe in allowing animals the opportunity to make it - to at least try. However, many are euthanized rather than being given that second chance.