Jun 18, 2011

Raucous raccoons

This week was busy with calls about raccoon 'invasions'. Raccoons all over the place - hold up in attics, under houses, digging up lawns, raiding fishponds. We even found raccoons using the five-story fire escape of a San Francisco apartment complex like a jungle gym. 

The good news is that word is getting out about our program - Humane Wildlife Management Services. We offer sound, sustainable, humane, no-kill solutions and the proceeds from the fees we charge (usually less than most pest control companies) support our rescue work.

When faced with a wild animal raising havoc, it's really interesting that most people we receive calls from believe that TRAPPING (and removing) animals will solve their problem, when, in fact, trapping does nothing to solve the actual PROBLEM. 

For example, a raccoon that has taken up residency in an attic is not the problem - it is the access into the attic that is the problem. Unless THAT is remedied, wild animals will take advantage of the available shelter. 

Another misconception is that the live traps are safe and humane. They not. Animals can suffer severe injuries trying to break through the heavy-gauge wire.

Lastly, we find that the majority of people who call us regarding 'nuisance' animals believe the only solution is to trap them so they can be safely relocated. Not only is it illegal in California to relocate trapped wildlife (since 2003), it is inhumane, risks the spread of disease, and does nothing to address the actual problem.