Oct 1, 2011

'Tis the season...

This week, we received a number of calls about wild animal 'invasions'. People were calling, upset that patches of their lawn were upturned, concerned about seeing a raccoon in their tree, upset by a coyote trotting through their neighborhood in broad daylight. 

'Tis the season.

This is the time when the young of the year begin to disperse, striking out on their own, heading off for new territory. Lacking experience, they may appear less fearful of cars and humans than one might expect.

This is also the lean time for wildlife. Creeks have disappeared, the soil has turned dry, and food is scarce for many. Thirst and hunger will drive animals from their wild habitat into urban environments where they might find water and a meal. It’s all about survival. 

What people can do to protect their property and keep safe:

1)    Be much more cautious about letting small pets outside and unattended - we see a heightened take by coyotes this time of year.

2)    Make a few ‘penny-cans’ (aluminum cans filled with a few pennies) and use them to scare off unwanted wildlife.

3)    Use Critter Ridder to help deter animals from digging up lawns/flowerbeds. Works on gophers, too!

4)    Inspect your home for access points, where animals can enter crawlspaces. If you find a hole, don’t just seal it up - you will entomb whatever is living inside.

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