May 29, 2012

WildRescue responds in Morro Bay

Last night, we were forwarded a call from WildCare (Marin) regarding an injured gull in Morro Bay. We quickly alerted Richard G., one of our responders who covers the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties.

It was near dark by the time he arrived on scene and there was no sign of the bird. It had likely sought shelter for the night.

Just after daybreak this morning, Richard headed back out to the location near Morro Rock, where he quickly found the mortally wounded gull. He then delivered it to the nearby wildlife hospital, Pacific Wildlife Care.

We are grateful to have Richard as one of our responders. He has a great deal of animal handling experience, he is certified for oil spill response, and has received FEMA ICS training.

Having skilled Wildlife Search and Rescue (SAR) responders on-call to assist with emergencies involving wildlife sets us apart from most wildlife rescue organizations. Our program fills a unique and critical niche in helping the public and the injured animals they have encountered.

If you're interested in becoming a trained responder, please fill out an application, HERE and a waiver, HERE. If you'd like to make a donation to support our ongoing efforts, click HERE.