Jul 20, 2012

Rodenticide killing the rare fisher

Photo by USFS Region 5
The fisher is a medium-sized mammal of North America. It is closely related to the marten - another member of the weasel family. In California, Oregon and Washington, the fisher is a candidate for listing under the Endangered Species Act as its numbers have dwindled due to fur trapping and habitat loss. It's now threatened by poisoning. 

Recent studies on dead fishers found in forests in Humboldt County and near Yosemite National Park indicate the animals were exposed to commercial rodenticides. While it's not uncommon to find traces of anticoagulant rodenticide in animals that live in urban and agricultural settings, researchers were surprised to find it in this secretive forest carnivore.

However, more and more, our forests and public lands are being used to illegally cultivate marijuana, and it's taking a toll on wildlife. Check out the PBS NewsHour report on illegal pot farms in California.

Please read the full report on the fisher deaths, HERE.