Jul 8, 2012

The Serpent and the Fairy Princess

Saturday afternoon, in the hills above Carmel Valley Village, a little girl was playing outside in a very shallow, dry, stone-lined channel. Perhaps she and the Fairy Princess were looking for more river rocks for the Kingdom's castle, when she was struck by a serpent - a baby rattlesnake.

The girl was rushed to a Bay Area hospital for emergency treatment.

The following morning, the snake was found sunning itself in the same area of the property. Duane and Rebecca were called to capture and remove it.

Wearing snake chaps and armed with tongs and a bug net, the duo turned stones and rustled shrubs, looking for what the residents had initially described as a two-foot long snake. It wasn't until they saw a picture of it, did they realize it was a small, young snake, more brown than grey.

It wasn't five minutes before they spotted it, cold and coiled, among dry leaves and grasses.

The snake was placed into a five gallon bucket and released in an uninhabited area of Carmel Valley. Check out the video, below.