Aug 15, 2012

Family rescues entangled gull

The Perry family.

Early this morning, a family, visiting from out of town, found an injured gull on the beach in Santa Cruz. The seabird was so horribly entangled in fishing line that it could not fly. They wanted to help, so they did what most people do - they started making phone calls for assistance. They were referred to WildRescue.

Unfortunately, our response time was going to be close to one hour. In that time, this wonderful family made the decision to take matters into their own hands. Here's their firsthand account:

We feel so fortunate to be the ones to find this seagull that we have named "Blessed". 
My son, Casey, spotted him first, and then my daughter, Kylie, who cried when she saw how he couldnt fly or walk, he just flopped around right near the waters edge. 
My son and I ran the length of the beach to the boardwalk to get help, while my husband and daughter stayed near the seagull to make sure that he didnt get swept into the ocean. 
When security on the boardwalk said that it was one of thousands of seagulls, and they couldn't do anything to help us, I thought to myself, he may be one of thousands, but he is one that will die if we leave him here. He matters. 
My husband cut apart an old chair that was lying on the beach to use the canvas as a "hammock" to carry the seagull to the boardwalk where we found a box. 
Summer vacation souvenir: the bobber
that was removed from the entangled gull.
We drove him to Native Animal Rescue which was less than 10 minutes away. 
To watch the volunteer untangle all of the fishing line, weights, and the large bobber that was entangled all around him, and to see him so submissive and seemingly thankful as she pulled the line out from down his throat, and check his wings to find that they were not broken, what a blessing! 
We are so thankful to have helped this living creature that needed someone to care. 
The young gull resting after the ordeal.

A huge Thank You! to the Perry family for rescuing the gull - you are true heroes!