Aug 7, 2012

Skunk strikes out

This afternoon we received a call from a landowner in Aptos. They had just noticed a skunk was stuck in the netting of their batting cage. The animal had probably been entangled for at least 12 hours. Thankfully, the yard was shaded by surrounding redwoods, which prevented the struggling animal from overheating.

Equipped with eye protection, gloves, and a respirator mask, lead responder, Rebecca Dmytryk, approached the animal with a sheet. After draping the sheet over the skunk, she safely restrained its head, tucked its tail, and began methodically cutting the strands of material.

Once the youngster was completely untangled, she walked it just a few feet away and set it free. Both took off speedily in opposite directions!


  1. I Really admire your dedication and helping the animals. In trouble....You are very kind.....Happy skunk made it......

  2. Great delicate job, Rebecca! Lucky little skunk!

  3. Love watching the videos!! You guys are professionals and the animals are very lucky to have you!!! Awesome job once again!!

  4. I was wondering if it had been you great two who recently also saved us- and the raccoon family just last week at our new rental~ you are who did this at our property in Aptos! Our previous rental!!! THANK you guys again!!!!
    My daughter and I've been watching so many of your saves~ thank you for the filming, this blog, and saving so many lives for life!!!! (I'm who had the mama raccoon and baby fall through the bathroom ceiling!)