Aug 3, 2012

Wet, cold, emaciated

Deanna has been a volunteer wildlife responder with WildRescue for a year and a half, during which she's honed her skills at catching geese, earning the nickname, ‘Goose Whisperer’. She’s 5 for 5, having captured, by hand, every Canada goose she’s set her sights on.

It has been years since Deanna has worked with pelicans though, and she's been eager to practice current capture and handling techniques. Today, she had her opportunity - catching a wet and emaciated juvenile pelican covered in lice!

In this video, Deanna tries, first, to entice the young bird close enough for a hand-grab, but the bird was not as interested as she’d hoped. She allowed it to settle in to a spot before attempting a capture using a long-handled net.

The bird was transferred to SPCA of Monterey Wildlife Center (Thank you Evan!) for immediate care, but will be transported to International Bird Rescue in Cordelia for rehabilitation.

Support our rescue and transport efforts, or their care and feeding at wildlife hospitals throughout California by contributing to our Pelican Aid Fund, HERE. 
This week we will be distributing $400.00 in funds collected so far. Many thanks!!!