Oct 27, 2012

Two Bucks

Corralitos, CA - This morning, WildRescue received a call about two entangled bucks - held together at the antlers by heavy-gauge telephone line.

By the time we arrived, one of the bucks was dead. The other was in pretty good shape, though, considering. He still had a lot of fight left in him, which was a good sign. His chances of surviving were pretty good if we could release him quickly.

As discussed in a previous post (Stuck Buck), wild animals, especially prey species, are susceptible to capture myopathy, where exertion to escape can kill them - instantly, or even weeks later.

Duane secured the telephone line to our rescue truck's winch and pulled the bucks up the hillside to a small oak tree. We moved in cautiously, using plywood shields (seal boards) to protect us from the deer as it lashed out. 

Using hardened wire cutters, Duane cut away at the thick messengered telephone line, working it off the buck's antlers.

Finally, he was free.

After speaking with neighbors, we found out that the abandoned telephone had come down with an old tree that fell a few weeks ago. Please check your yard for anything deer or other animals might get tangled in, and remember to be extra cautious on roads this time of year as autumn is mating season for our coastal mule deer.

We'd like to thank the Department of Fish and Game and their response to the call, and a 
huge THANK YOU! to the Lucido Family for donating their truck to us earlier this year. The truck's winch was invaluable!

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