Feb 12, 2014

Celebrity joins the campaign

By Rebecca Dmytryk

Photo courtesy of David Sikes

Earlier this week I received an email from David Sikes, former bassist and vocalist for the rock band, Boston. He said he'd seen the news coverage about our petition on KPIX, and wanted to help spread the word.

He went on to tell me that, ironically, he'd just recently seen a Yoplait commercial featuring one of his band's songs - More Than a Feeling. David was shocked, as he and his fellow band members had always been supportive of animal rights.  

David may not have had a say in the licensing of that song, but he did have something to say about the Yoplait yogurt cup, and was very willing to go on camera to share his views. Here is the KPIX Piece (below), or at this link, HERE.

This was a real boost for our campaign. We're so grateful to David for speaking up and out! THANK YOU DAVID!

To date, we have received over 37,000 signatures, and counting. At one point, we were receiving about 10 signatures a minute!

No word yet from General Mills, though, other than their canned response.

I don't get it. Why are they so resistant to do the right thing - to be the good guy here? 

They already sell Original Yoplait in safer cups (limited availability). All the work - the design, labeling, manufacturing has been done, so, what's stopping them from dropping the hazardous container? 

Is it all about image?

For sure, the cone-shaped design is branding - it's their mark. You see a cone-shaped yogurt container and you know it's Yoplait. So, as long as they believe consumers associate the cone-shaped cup with their yogurt, they will be resistant to give it up.

It is our job, then, to turn this around so that the cone-shaped cup is associated with the shameless harming of wildlife. To the point where General Mills will never again want to be associated with it!

Are you with me? Good. 

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