Nov 26, 2016

Mountain lion cub

On Friday afternoon, Wildlife Emergency Services received a request from a warden with the Department of Fish and Wildlife for assistance with a mountain lion cub in south San Jose. 

The young cat was first observed walking in a residential neighborhood near the Almaden Golf and Country Club. It quickly took refuge under a parked car.

Representatives from the local Fire Department, Santa Clara County Parks and local law enforcement assisted the Department of Fish and Wildlife in containing the young lion under the vehicle, using pieces of plywood to block its escape.

Once on scene, capture specialists Duane Titus and Rebecca Dmytryk placed a large animal carrier up against the car and removed a section of plywood, hoping the cat could be encouraged into the crate. A large blanket was draped over the carrier to make it dark and hopefully inviting. 

Park rangers held the crate and boards in place while, on the opposite side of the car, Duane opened a section of the wooden barrier and used a catch-pole to get the cat to move. It wasn’t long - maybe a minute, before the cat took refuge inside the carrier. Park rangers used plywood to block its escape, then the crate was tipped on end so the grate door could be attached.

The young cat, estimated to be close to 4 months old, appeared thin and dehydrated. Because of its condition, we suspect it had been separated from its mother for a few days and had wandered into town out of desperation.

The cat was provided fluids and warmth and transported to Dr. Deana Clifford at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's, Wildlife Investigations Lab in Rancho Cordova lab for care and evaluation.



  1. Good job!! Thanks for helping this little one❤️

  2. Wonderful, it's good to know there are people like you out there who know how to help.
    And good for law enforcement, too!

  3. Awesome story, thanks for being there and helping this young cat...
    Hopefully a follow up story or update coming.

  4. Fantastic rescue! Thank you!

  5. What happened to this cub, I really wonder-far far too young to be released , and would require much hands- on care to survive- so if kept alive the cub would be bound for life in a zoo or if lucky, a wildlife sanctuary- but is that what happened?Or was the cub euthanized? I suspect the latter, and pray Im wrong.