Dec 11, 2010

2nd Beer Can Collared Gull SAVED!

Today, WildRescue capture specialists traveled to San Francisco State University in hope of capturing a second Budweiser can collared gull that was reported a few of weeks ago.

Thanks to help from a concerned citizen who kept watch over the gull and befriended it with daily handouts, we were able to get close enough to catch the elusive seabird - one of possibly 5 gulls in the Bay Area that have been maliciously captured and collared with cut Budweiser beer cans.

Once netted, the juvenile Western gull was checked thoroughly, on site, by wildlife rehabilitator Mark Russell from International Bird Rescue (Fairfield). It was found to be in good health and was released on the spot. Watch video HERE.

If left on the birds the cans will eventually kill them. Their sharp edges interfere with the feathers causing the birds to lose precious body heat and allowing cold air and water to reach the bird’s skin.

Photo credit: Russ Curtis

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