Jan 31, 2011

2011 Wildlife Search & Rescue Training

The greatest dilemma faced by injured wild animals and the people who find them is the lack of quick response from wildlife experts. This is also perhaps the most overlooked cause of death among 'found' disable animals - something WildRescue and its directors aim to remedy.

In an effort to increase the number of trained wildlife rescuers, we are currently providing our new Wildlife Search & Rescue trainings from San Francisco to Los Angeles. 

From these classes we hope to build teams of rescuers that can respond locally, in their communities. These trainings are also being provided to animal control officers, police, game wardens, and wildlife rehabilitators to increase their knowledge and skills. The all-day class provided information on human safety, capture equipment, proper techniques and successful capture strategies. Anyone interested in being notified of a class in their area should email us. Click the pictures to enlarge.

Jan 9, 2011

In memorial...

PHOTO CREDIT: Dominik Mosur
Yesterday, i noticed a post on one of the Bay area birding lists about a barn owl that had perished and was hanging from a limb of a tall pine. My initial thought was that it had gotten entangled in something. I contacted the author of the post, a well known birder, for more information. 

Sure enough, the bird had netting around its leg. What's worse... not only did the owl get tangled up in manmade debris then get caught in the tree and went days if not weeks without food but, apparently, no one realized the bird was in trouble and so no one called for help while it was alive. 

We're hoping this story will make others more vigilant and quicker to report wild animals that may be in distress.