Feb 13, 2011

Malibu training a great success!

Our Wildlife Search & Rescue training in Malibu was a tremendous success. We suspect we'll get a few new volunteers from it, helping us achieve our goal of organizing three separate rescue and transport teams - one for the Westside, another for Ventura and the Conejo Valley and another for the San Fernando Valley. 

We were very honored to have members of the Los Angeles Small Animal Rescue Team and LA SPCA DART in attendance. 

We'll be back in Los Angeles offering more trainings the first week of April. For those interested, email us.

Here's the LINK to the LA Times article on the class. Great writeup.

Also, check out this link to SmART's video of the class!

Feb 8, 2011

National Association for Wildlife Search and Rescue

Like the Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation, we hope to develop standards for RESCUE that will eventually be used to govern how wildlife casualties are handled. 

The lack of standards today may very well be the greatest, most overlooked cause of death among wildlife casualties - precisely what this new organization intends to address and remedy. We're VERY excited about this newly formed organization and the possibilities it affords.

Right now, we're in the process of selecting a Board of Directors and a strong estimable Advisory Panel. Our web site is also under development. For now, please join us on  Facebook.

Feb 7, 2011

24-HAZWOPER Training

Great news! We will be providing a 3-day 24-hour HAZWOPER certification training course in Oakland, March 7-9. 

Only a few seats left!

While taking this course and becoming certified will not guarantee you will be called upon to help during an oil spill, it IS the training that IS REQUIRED of those who respond. 

Contact us to register NOW!