May 20, 2011

Baby crow and kid gang:

We were recently called upon by Alameda Animal Shelter to assist with a healthy baby crow that had been brought in by a finder, thinking they were doing the right thing. It was a fledgling - able to hop and perch but unable to fly. 

Whenever possible, we try to keep wild birds with their wild parents. It's their best chance for surviving as adults. From their wild parents they learn what to eat, where to forage, where to hide, what to fear... crows learn family etiquette and their society's local language and customs. Seriously!

Our volunteer, Max, was up for the task of reuniting the baby. Here is  her account:
Reuniting a fledgling crow with his parents in the midst of a busy apartment complex was destined to be a public event. The kids especially, playing outside after school, were fascinated, pausing their game of chase to gather around me and whisper a story about a kitten they had rescued and tried to nurse back to health. 
They took the reunion of baby and parents very seriously, shushing other playing kids, and telling them to stay still so as not to frighten the crows. It was a beautiful moment in time: human children meeting bird child with awe and respect, when a second before they had been unaware, screaming as they ran past. As I left, the tiny gang ran up with plastic swords. "We'll watch out for him!" they assured me about the baby crow. "We'll protect him from torturers!"
Thank you Max - Job well done!

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