May 20, 2011

Super heroic deed!

Another set of young barns owls were found grounded - this time, at Orange Memorial Park where they were picked up and delivered to Peninsula Humane Society (PHS).

Patrick Hogan, wildlife rehabilitator at PHS, knows wild babies stand a better chance of surviving as adults if they're raised by wild parents. He was determined to see these babies re-nested, even if the odds were stacked against him.

Patrick volunteers as a field responder with WildRescue on his off-hours. For this mission he had to first locate the nest. Since owls stay quiet and tucked away in their roosts during the day, this meant he had to go out after dark... and he did. Late into the evening Patrick found the nest by honing in on the begging calls of the remaining sibling... 25' up in a Canary Island Date Palm!

Reaching the nest entrance was going to take more than just a ladder, and it being on municipal property meant having to go through 'the system' for approval to ascend the tree.

Thankfully, the City of South San Francisco Parks and Rec embraced our efforts - so much so they provided a crew and cherry-picker to lift Patrick into the palm! Awesome! 


Anonymous said...

This just made my day.

Sammarye said...

YAY for Patrick! YAY for WildRescue!

WildRescue said...

Was it the baby owls, or did it have something to do with Patrick's unpretentious charm? Patrick, you ROCK!