Jul 16, 2011

Red-Tailed Hawk Re-nested

A juvenile red-tailed hawk was given a second chance to be raised wild by its parents after being found grounded at Crystal Springs Golf Course over a week ago. 

Dress rehearsal!

Patrick Hogan, who works as a wildlife rehabilitator at Peninsula Humane Society, where the bird was admitted for care, built an artificial nest, taking direction from expert re-nester Anne Miller, founder of the Alabama Wildlife Center. The nest provides the young bird a sturdy place to finish developing, with enough cover for it to be protected from predators.

Thanks to arborists, Christopher Altman, owner of Trees Company (link to his great blog), for attaching the new nest in the tree, and James Reed for climbing up and placing the baby in its new home. This reunion would not have been possible without their generous help!

The young bird was watched for some time after being placed. An adult - one of the parents, landed in an adjacent tree. The young hawk began calling out. Reports have been coming in that all seems well. The bird's progress will be monitored.

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