Aug 8, 2011

Tangled mama opossum SAVED!

Today, WildRescue's Sammarye responded to a call in Scotts Valley about an opossum that had been laying in one spot for at least a day. Surprisingly, the animal was stuck - she had managed to get tangled in English ivy and Silver lace vines, some strands so small and tough, it almost looked like fishing line. 
Using scissors, Sammarye carefully and painstakingly cut away the debris, untangling the animal's chest and midsection. 
The poor opossum at my house not only had at least two strands of vine wrapped around its body, it also had managed to get her fur twirled in the the vine as well.  I think she must have twirled around trying to get out or reach what was holding her back....making the situation worse.

Free at last the mother opossum and her ten-or-so wriggling joeys - none the worse for wear - were crated and taken to NAR, in Santa Cruz, to be treated for dehydration. Once the opossum is ready to be released she will be taken back home.

Baby opossums nursing, oblivious to the goings-on.

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Sammarye said...

I must tell you that I searched the area inch-by-inch to make sure no babies were left behind :)