Sep 13, 2011

Saga of the Glendale Coyotes

We just got off the phone with the Los Angeles County Agricultural Commission and they have indicated that, at this time, the coyotes do not present a threat to the community and the agency WILL NOT be taking action - WILL NOT be setting traps to eradicate the animals.

A group of coyotes had been seen in the backyard of a vacant, burned out home on Brockmont Drive near Los Angeles, where Brockman Canyon, part of the wilderness of the Verdugo Mountains, descends into the City of Glendale. 

Without concrete evidence of a den (which to our knowledge has yet to be discovered), we believe the coyotes are being observed as they frequent the site, but they are not residing there.

In all likelihood, they are being drawn to the abandoned property by the smell and activity of rodents and the scattered refuse. It is also appears as though neighboring residents have not employed aversion tactics to drive the animals away. This is key when dealing with large predators.


What we want residents to understand is that coyotes and other wild animals will always be a part of their community and they must learn to co-exist - to safely and soundly live amongst their wild neighbors. This is absolutely possible, and we are here to help. 

For those experiencing problems with coyote, mountain lion, or bobcat, we offer FREE consulting to encourage non-lethal methods of resolving conflicts with large predators. Our Humane Wildlife Management program can be reached by calling 1-866-WILD-911 (866-945-3911).

We also want to acknowledge the Mayor of Glendale, Laura Friedman, who indicates she is in favor of non-lethal action in most cases. Letters supporting her position can be emailed to her by clicking HERE.

WildRescue is committed to being at the ready to organize and lead opposition to unwarranted lethal control of coyotes in California. If you'd like to donate specifically to this cause, to hep cover travel expenses and educational materials when needed, we've set up a separate donation account, HERE. Thank you!