Oct 29, 2011

Update on the 'nailed' hawk

Photo courtesy of Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley
Courtesy WCSV

We've had word from the wildlife hospital that the hawk is reportedly doing well - thin, but very, very alert and active. 

The nail that had been lodged in her head for nearly two weeks was found in the transport carrier - it came loose and dropped out during transit. Every once in a while during the drive to the hospital we heard a thump as she made an attempt to escape her padded carrier.

Photo courtesy of WCSV
We believe she sprang up and bumped the nail on the top of the carrier, dislodging it. There was no sign of additional trauma - no bleeding, thankfully. Since it had been about 2 weeks, the body encapsulated the foreign object, much like what happened with Pinky, the wild turkey that was shot through with an arrow. Read the story of his capture and recovery HERE.

The investigation into this act of cruelty is ongoing, being led by US Fish & Wildlife Service and the San Francisco Animal Care and Control.

Photo courtesy of WCSV

Radiographs and blood work revealed her to be in good shape. On Friday, she was moved to an outdoor flight enclosure so she can strengthen her flight muscles in preparation for release back to the wild, which is slated for Wednesday, November 2nd.


Check out WCSV's web site HERE.

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O, to live long enough to videotape some jerk committing a horrendous act like this so I could plaster his face and name all over print and electronic media and follow his aggressive prosecution in a court of law where he would be subject to the tender mercies of a Federal Magistrate as outraged as I am at this act of senseless and intentional cruelty. Kudos to the fine folks at The Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley from the fine folks at The Point Mugu Wildlife Center. Way to go!