Nov 19, 2011

Cooper's Hawk rescue...

Today, Duane and Rebecca responded to a call about a Cooper's hawk that was stuck inside the large printing warehouse of the Wall Street Journal in Mountain View, CA. 

The bird was likely pursuing a small bird when it traveled into a loading dock before entering the cavernous building.

In the back, where the lights are on, the ceiling extends another
20' or so making it especially difficult to reach, or to flush out.

Thankfully, it was a Saturday and the web press was not in use - the facility was dark and quiet. One of the paper's longtime employees, Mitch, helped out with a forklift to get Duane high enough to reach the ceiling with a long-handled net. Confused in the darkness, the bird fell softly into the bag of the net.

Frightened, but in good shape, the hawk was immediately set free.

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