Dec 10, 2011

Huge THANK YOU to North Berkeley BART

We'd like to acknowledge North Berkeley BART officials for their prompt action to reduce raptor casualties at their station.

Historically, small bird-eating hawks, like Coopers and sharp-shinned, would mistakenly fly inside the open building after prey, where they would become disoriented. Instinctively, looking to escape, they would fly upward, to what they perceived to be the sky, only to become trapped inside the glass 'top dome' of the station.

Thanks to Lisa Owens Viani, Development Director for Golden Gate Audubon Society and  WildRescue responder, for bringing this to the attention of BART officials. Thanks, also, to Rachel Whitman for documenting the last victim (shown here), and the resulting changes made to the station (below) to prevent such casualties.

As this photograph shows, netting now prevents birds from flying up into the dome.


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