Jan 18, 2012

Bobcat vs Vehicle - bobcat lives!!!

If it weren't for the heroic efforts by the Murrer Family of Aptos, the bobcat wouldn't have made it.

It was Saturday evening. The family was headed to the City to celebrate their daughter's 18th birthday. The suburban was full of teenagers. As they rounded one of the curves on Hames Rd., they saw a bobcat, flailing on the center divide.

They acted quickly and smartly to block traffic, and scooted the injured animal to the side of the road. While doing so, they noticed a freshly squashed gopher - perhaps what had encouraged the cat onto the highway.

Blood poured from the cats nose and mouth as it lay motionless, but breathing. Leaving part of the family to stand guard, the others went back to the house, a block away, to get a carrier and towels.

Back on scene, they covered the cat with towels to reduce stress as it was coming to. The Sheriff and Santa Cruz Animal Care and Control arrived thereafter. 

WildRescue received the call from Officer Carlos. We quickly dispatched two of our responders, Dan and Deanna, who picked up the cat from the shelter. It was transferred to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley.

By the time it arrived, the cat was bright, alert, and showing no obvious injuries. Over the next two days their expert medical team monitored the female bobcat and examined her thoroughly. Radiographs showed no fractures and she was approved for release.

On Tuesday evening, the feisty cat was released at the Murrer's residence, less than a mile from where it was hit, in a field where they had regularly seen a bobcat. Here's a video of the release:

Bobcat Release from WildRescue on Vimeo.

We are so grateful to everyone involved in this cat's rescue. From the Murrer Family, who went out of their way to save it from sure death, to Officer Carlos, who alerted us of the animal's needs - our responders who made sure the animal was picked up and transferred in a timely manner, and to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley (WCSV) for providing expert evaluation and care. 

The WCSV is a tremendously valuable resource in the San Jose area, providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art medical and rehabilitative care to injured wildlife. We urge you to support their program, HERE.


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My ex's parents live up in Aptos and had regular visits from a Bobcat. Job well done!

zzzahov said...

Great.. Happy he survived

zzzahov said...

Great..so glad he survived