Feb 29, 2012

WELCOME new volunteer responders!

We'd like to recognize our new team members!

Congratulations! After review of your application and completion of our 2012 Wildlife SAR training we have officially added you to our Wildlife SAR team! 

Welcome, Deborah B. and Heather H., from the North Bay; Barbara A., Sue F., and Johnie K., from the East Bay; Julie B., Connie P., Dragan S., Rebecca S., Kathleen S., from the Peninsula; Maureen H. and Jennifer W. from the Santa Cruz area, and Richard Grise from San Luis Obispo!

This brings our statewide total to 56, with 19 current on their 24-Hour HAZWOPER certification!

A huge Thank You to the rest of our team members: Jay, Laurie, Doris, Jane, Kimberly, Kelle, Winnie, Lisa, John, Nancy, Ann, Jeff & Sarah, Max, Akira, Rachel, Patrick, Susan, Mark, Valerie, Deanna, Kris, Linda, Mary, Sammarye, Bobbie, Virginia, Marsha, Ron, Deb, Patricia, Karen, Julie, Duane and Rebecca, Dan, Lindsey, Jennie, Luci, Dave, Kyle, Diane and Doug!

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hazwoper certification said...

Good to know that a lot of people are joining and volunteering to help out as responders. We need a lot of them as different things happen everyday. I do hope they all have the right safety training though to ensure that they can do their jobs without endangering themselves.