Mar 21, 2012

Pacifica Pelican

Today we received a call from a person at Pacifica Pier. He was concerned about a pelican that seemed unable to stand. He said he'd watched someone poke at it to get it to move, and it was not very responsive.

We immediately sent out an alert to our volunteer responders. Within just a few minutes, we received word from Patrick at the Peninsula Humane Society Wildlife Center who quickly forwarded the call to an on-duty officer. They were on scene within 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, the RP was unable to wait, and by the time the officer arrived, the pelican was gone. 

This pelican happened to be banded with a blue band, which means he had previously been through rehabilitation at International Bird Rescue. His number is K-19. If anyone spots him, please alert us through our local, San Francisco number 415-979-9700.

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