Jun 12, 2012

They're here...

One of the first juvenile pelicans of the year was found in Southern California after landing in a peculiar place - The Oaks Mall, in Thousand Oaks. The young bird was discovered yesterday in the mall parking lot, grounded and unable to fly.

Many thanks to Joseph Hildebrand, with AlliedBarton Security Services, for taking the time to seek help for the ailing bird.

The pelican was transported by California Wildlife Center to International Bird Rescue in San Pedro where it joins three other recently rescued youngsters.

During the Summer months, 
it's normal for us to experience an influx of calls regarding 'sick' pelicans, and many of them will be hatch-year birds. We believe, for the most part, this nature at work - survival of the fittest - the culling of the weakest. If that's the case, then, some may ask, "Why should we intervene?"

We believe that the relatively few young pelicans that receive a second chance make up for the many adult, breeding-age pelicans that are killed each year from anthropogenic (human related) injuries.

To report an injured or ill pelican, call our toll-free hotline at 1-866-WILD-911. Newly fledged pelicans can be distinguished by their brown heads, creamy yellow-grey legs, and white bellies.

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Unknown said...

Oh this is beyond precious. Molto bene to all involved.