Jul 4, 2012

Bobcat kitten

This morning, we received a call about a bobcat kitten that was found walking along the side of Mount Madonna Road, near the summit. The finder, Stacey, was kind enough to stand by and keep watch until we arrived.

The kitten warmed up during transport.

On scene, the small cat was quiet and still, hunched up with its head down. It was cold, and barely responsive as Duane lifted it into a carrier. On the drive over the hill, we provided the animal with warmth, and by the time we arrived at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley the cat was looking (and sounding) much better.

Even though it was the Fourth of July holiday, the wildlife center was full of wonderful volunteers, busily caring for the hospital's numerous patients. Dr. Chad Alves, the center's veterinarian, was also on hand and performed an initial exam while we were there.

Dr. Alves found the kitten was thin, and it had a couple of wounds and scrapes - perhaps it had survived an attack by a predator. Check out the video of the examination, below.


UPDATE: The bobcat kitten did not make it. It died from severe starvation; it was too far gone to bring it back. Very sad. 


Anonymous said...

A very lucky kitten! Much kudos to Stacey and the staff at the wildlife center. You are all appeciated!

Diane Carter said...

Wish you could relocate it near me. We love our Bobcats and they have lots of land and rodents to feast on.