Oct 9, 2012

Baby Elephant Rescue

Nairobi, Kenya - Yesterday, experts from the Amboseli Trust for Elephants, came to the aid of an eight-month old calf that was trapped in a manmade well. These pits are dug by the Maasai to water their cattle.

In the video below, behavioral ecologist Vicki Fishlock uses her Land Rover to drive off the calf's mother, Zombe, so rescuers could reach the baby safely. The video ends with the heartwarming reunion of mother and calf.

The following day, another baby elephant was found in the same pit. Unfortunately, before rescuers arrived its family was driven off by Maasai herdsmen. The orphan was transported to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphan's Project.

When you have time, check out the orphans' profiles, HERE. Warning: you might not be able to stop clicking More for details of their individual rescues and to watch incredible videos like this one, HERE. Please consider supporting their good work by fostering an orphan, HERE.

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