Dec 7, 2012

2013 Wildlife Rescue Training Schedule

Each year, WildRescue provides training opportunities for those interested in helping wild animals found in distress. We offer basic training for the novice and new volunteers, and advanced training on specific skills for the more experienced.

Beginning in January, we'll be offering a new set of classes.

Our Wildlife Search and Rescue training has added hands-on exercises, and we have added an ancillary field workshop to give students the experience of actually looking for and capturing injured animals.

Also new for 2013, we are offering an introductory oiled bird search and rescue class. Oil-compromised birds present a unique set of challenges for first responders. Students will learn how to judge the degree of oiling and what it means for the bird's survival, and how to best plan for its capture and transport. This is highly recommended for those who might come across oiled birds in the course of their duties.

We're also excited to announce our very first Reuniting Wildlife workshop! Wild animals stand the greatest chance of surviving as adults if they are raised by wild parents. Unfortunately, however, every 'baby season' an extraordinary number of healthy babies wind up in shelters or wildlife hospitals. 

There is a desperate need for volunteers to help get the babies back to the wild, and that's where this exclusive training comes in. This class is ideal for anyone willing to be available during spring and summer to volunteer their services.

Check out and download the flyer, HERE. To sign up for a class, click HERE.

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