Jun 26, 2013

Baby skunk in a rat trap

Late this afternoon, WES received a call from a resident of Santa Cruz who had inadvertently trapped a baby skunk in a trap meant for rats.

The trap snapped closed on the poor animal's snout - catching its upper lip and nose in a vice-like grip. According to the resident, the animal had been in the trap for approximately 18 hours!

Though rat traps are a legal means of take for rats, they are body gripping traps and should not be set in areas where non-target wildlife or pets might have access to them.

The skunk was delivered to Native Animal Rescue's skunk specialist, Monique, in Corralitos, for care. On arrival, it was alert, responsive, and appeared to be in pretty good shape, considering.

Check out the video of the rescue, below.

UPDATE: 6-28-13

According to Monique, the baby skunk is on the mend and doing much, much better!
Photo by Monique Lee

UPDATE: 7-20-13

Unfortunately, the poor skunk lost a portion of her upper lip and nose to this horrible injury, however, she is doing really well and will be released back to the wild, according to Monique.

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby! If anyone can save him and get him back in shape to be released, Monique can.