Aug 24, 2013

Introducing WildHelp

By Rebecca Dmytryk

The single greatest challenge faced by those who find a wild animal in distress is locating the right person or organization that can help - help rescue it and/or treat its injuries. 

This isn't a localized issue, it's pervasive, throughout the United States, and, while over the decades there have been great advances made in the care and rehabilitation of ill and injured wild animals, there has been little improvement in this one critical area of wildlife rescue.

If we can bridge the gap - if we can connect the finder with an expert who can help - quickly - even over the phone, we will save more lives.

I am extremely proud to introduce WildHelp. 

WildHelp is a mobile application that will allow a person to report and find help for a wild animal using their smartphone. The app will connect users with the nearest rescuer specializing in the type of animal found.

WildHelp will revolutionize the way people report and find help for wild animals in distress, helping to save thousands of lives every year.

Please, help us make this amazing life-saving tool a reality by making a pledge through Kickstarter. It's a safe and secure way to back this project. If we're successful in reaching our goal, only then will you be asked to fulfill your pledge.

Check it out on Kickstarter, HERE.

Make your pledge, HERE!

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Thank you!


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