Sep 19, 2013

Skunk caught in a fence

Today, we were referred a call from the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter about a skunk caught in a chain link fence in Watsonville. The RP said they had just heard about it but that their neighbors indicated it might have been there for a couple of days.

Duane and Rebecca responded immediately and were on scene in under 30 minutes. This rescue was sponsored by Bodhi Matus.

Check out the amazing video of its rescue:

The adult male skunk was transported to skunk expert and licensed wildlife rehabilitator, Monique, for a thorough examination before release back into the wild. 

Stay tuned for updates.

We are grateful for the sponsorship by Bodhi Matus of this and future wildlife rescues through our sponsorship program. Consider being a sponsor, HERE.

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Bonnie said...

:-) Yea for the rescuers and yea for Monique!