Nov 27, 2013

WildHelp update

We're really excited to announce that we just finished the resource (wildlife rescue) sign-up form!

This form is how rescue organizations and other wildlife professionals from around the country will add their contact information to the WildHelp database.

This database is what the WildHelp app searches to find the nearest help for someone who's found an animal in trouble.

We also have a new web site. Click HERE to visit where you can find out about this life-saving tool that will revolutionize the way people find help for wild animals in distress.

If you're a wildlife professional, navigate to the Register page to get instructions on filling out the form.

If you missed out on supporting this valuable project through its Kickstarter pledge drive, it's not too late!

You can support the development of the WildHelp App with a tax-deductible contribution, HERE.

Do you have excellent phone or data entry skills? Consider helping us build the resource database by volunteering your time. Contact Rebecca Dmytryk at for information.

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