Mar 22, 2014

Taking WES to the Summit

By Deanna Barth

That's me, on April 26th, trying to lure the goose close enough to capture. I finally caught her on June 7th.

Last year, to support a friend's efforts, I attended the Summit for the Planet Walk-a-thon and Earth Day Celebration at Mount Madonna School. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see a large number of local non-profits participating in the fundraising event. Some I had never heard of before even though they operate out of my own "backyard". 

That got me to thinking just how many people may not know about Wildlife Emergency Services. So, I made the decision to participate in the 2014 walk-a-thon.

Here we are, coming up on the April 26th event for which I signed up to complete a 15K (10 mile) walk. 

Now, all I need is your support.

You can help by either supporting my walk with a pledge per kilometer I complete, HERE, or, you can register to join me in walking for WES, HERE. At the very least, please stop by our event table to say hello.

Why we need your support? 

We're coming up on the busy season where we can expect to receive 5-10 calls per day from people who have found wild animals in distress. 

In spring and summer months, most rescues involve young, like baby birds that have fallen from their nests or that have lost their mothers.

If you're familiar with WES, then you know we are an all-volunteer run organization - with no paid staff or employees, and you know the incredible work we do.

Maybe you'll recall the red-tailed hawk with the nail through its head in San Francisco, the Canada goose in Redwood City with a kite-string winder on its wing, the turkey in Hollister with an arrow through it, the beaver caught in a packing strap in downtown San Jose, the dozens of ducklings saved from storm drains, and the countless baby birds that got a second chance to grow up wild because of our reuniting and wild-fostering team.

These are animals that, at least in my opinion, would never have been rescued had it not been for our expertise.

WES is a unique program - perhaps one of maybe a handful in the United States that is trained, equipped, experienced and provides assistance with wildlife rescues 24/7 and WES is the only wildlife organization in the greater Bay Area that provides such field services.

But, we need your support to carry on.

I’ve been a volunteer first responder with WES for three years now and I also
 serve as an officer and a board member. I can tell you, it's amazing what we accomplish on so little, but, we can’t continue to provide our valuable public services without financial support from people like you.

Please, consider supporting our efforts through the Summit for the Planet, HERE, or by making a contribution of any size, HERE. You can also sign up to volunteer to help rescue and transport injured wildlife, HERE

Thank you so much, Deanna

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