Mar 16, 2014

Update on the WildHelp App

By Rebecca Dmytryk

I just returned from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association symposium in Tennessee where our WildHelp App display won Best Poster! 

While it was certainly not as scientifically revealing as competing posters, I think the crowd was excited by the new technology and how helpful the app will be.

The display was interactive, with 2 spiral bound iPhone mockups. Each page was representational of a single screen, with questions about the animal found. Check it out:

What's unique to WildHelp, and sets it apart from any other app available, is how it asks particular questions about the animal found. These questions allow us to provide the user with the most pertinent information, specific to their situation. 

For example, if the user indicates they have found a young bird, unable to fly but not noticeably injured, an alert will pop up with information on fledgling birds.

This information gathered on the type of animal also enables us to narrow the list of local experts down to just a few, instead of a long list of veterinarians, sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitators that may or may not treat the type of animal found.

WildHelp takes any guesswork out of the equation, making it simpler and faster to find help.

If you'd like to make a dedicated contribution toward the current and future development of WildHelp, we'd greatly appreciate it. Here are some options: 

Mail check to:

Wildlife Emergency Services
P. O. Box 65, Moss Landing CA 95039

Please write WildHelp in the memo section of your check.

Make a contribution online

Purchase limited edition merchandise, HERE.

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