Dec 15, 2014

Opossum recovering

The opossum injured in the "humane" cage trap (story HERE) is doing quite well and is expected to make a full recovery, according to wildlife medical staff at the Wildlife Center for Silicon Valley.

Thanks to All who contributed towards its medical "bills".

Stay tuned for release video!


Anonymous said...

What an amazing recovery. Thanks so much to all involved. We need those opossums out there doing all the good things that they do. said...

I just got in an adult female with serious injuries to her mouth from being in a trap. People just don't understand, whether trapping feral cats or any other wild animal, you need to cover the trap so the captured animal doesn't freak out. This poor girl broke a tooth, exposed another down to the root, and left chunks of flesh stuck on the wire. She had to be cut loose from the trap. The root exposed tooth was extracted, she had a few sutures put in her mouth, and in a gash under her jaw closed up. After a week on soft food, she should be doing much better, and ready to go soon.