Mar 9, 2015

Yet another skunk in a rat trap!

This morning WES was referred a call about a man in Ben Lomond who had trapped a skunk and wanted it 'removed'.

He was quite distressed as he explained there was a skunk right outside his trailer door, preventing him from leaving his home. It was caught in a rat trap he'd set outside... outside, in the middle of the woods!

Normally, a situation involving a wild animal trapped by a citizen on their own property would be a matter for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife rather than the county animal services.

In this case, though, because the skunk had been unintentionally caught in a device meant for rodents - and there are no regulations restricting placement of snap traps, there wasn't really anything law enforcement could do.

Regardless, the skunk needed rescuing!

WES' Duane Titus responded to the incident.

He found the skunk tethered by a front foot - caught in one of those black plastic heavy-duty snap traps with interlocking teeth.

The skunk was bright, alert and clearly traumatized.

Duane approached and grabbed hold of the skunk as best as one can restrain a biting, squirming, squirting beast, and he quickly freed its paw from the trap.

He placed it in a pet carrier for transport to Monique Lee in Corralitos - she's the area's skunk and bat rehabilitator.

Check out the video below:


UPDATE: The skunk is reportedly doing well and ready to be set free!!! 


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Anonymous said...

Nice job. Wish people would stop using traps, though :(