May 3, 2015

Lucky Cooper's

It was late yesterday afternoon when we received a call from the Lucky Supermarket on Sloat near Lake Merced in San Francisco.

We got the word out to Allen Fish, Director at the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory (GGRO), hoping he'd have someone who could help get the bird out of the building.

While the store management agreed to leave the large roll-up doors of its storeroom open through twilight, they couldn't keep the area clear of people, so we knew the likelihood of the hawk leaving on its own was pretty slim.

Thankfully, Allen was able to get hold of Craig Nikitas - also with GGRO. He's experienced in trapping raptors and has the right equipment to rescue the hawk. He was willing to help!

This afternoon at about 5:00 PM we received word that the bird, an adult male Cooper's hawk had been successfully captured and released outside.

More from Craig in his report:

It had chased a blackbird in through a roll-up door on Saturday. 

Keel was meaty, disposition excellent (totally BAR), mouth interior moist & pink. 

Released on-site and it flew to a Monterey Pine on Ocean Ave. at approx. 16:00. 

I assume he's the father of a juvenile bird we've seen further east on Ocean Ave. 

I also saw an adult female near the plaza prior to catching this guy. He's got some explaining to do when he gets home!

A very happy ending. 


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