May 18, 2015

Skunk caught in a Gophinator

At the end of a long dirt road near Laguna Creek, in the hills above the redwoods, at the start of a closed-cone forest - in the middle of nowhere - a skunk was trapped in a Gophinator - a trap used to kill gophers and moles.

This particular trap was set inside a gopher tunnel, but the entry was not blocked well. A curious or hungry female skunk was able to access the trap and set it off. Her hand was crushed.

Duane and Rebecca released the skunk from the trap and transported her to Native Animal Rescue's skunk specialist, Monique, for evaluation and treatment. 

Sadly, we heard from Monique that the skunk was a lactating mother - she had kits left behind.

We called the landowner and asked if they would keep an eye out for little ones, but, so far, none has been seen. 

The mother skunk continues to improve thanks to the expert care she is receiving.

Stay tuned!

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