Jun 18, 2015

Rattlesnake entangled in erosion-control netting

This morning we were alerted of a rattlesnake that was stuck in plastic garden netting being used to control erosion in the Carmel Highlands.

The snake was first spotted on Sunday morning, but residents did not know who to call for help. Finally, they reached WES.

WES' founder, Rebecca Dmytryk, was on scene quickly, and removed the snake from the hillside. 

In its attempts to get through and free of the material, the snake had become more and more tangled and restricted. In minutes, though, and with help from the homeowner, the snake was freed.

The rattlesnake was taken in for supportive care. With luck it can be released within a week.

Check out the video of the rescue:

Rebecca had an early start with reptiles. At age 13 she was catching snakes, including rattlesnakes. She learned even more through a herpetology class that was offered at the high school she attended.
Looking back, I cannot imagine what my parents were thinking, but I am glad they allowed me the freedom to develop my skills and learn to respect these magnificent creatures. I am also grateful to Richard Lapidus. He taught herpetology at my high school. You don't see these types of extracurricular classes anymore, which is really too bad.

UPDATE: 7-2-15

After a while in care the rattlesnake was returned to its home in the mountains above Point Lobos.

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Anonymous said...

This world changes all the time, I appreciate a rattlesnake rescue and rehab. They are beautiful creatures that help with natural rodent control. Most changes these days are not good, this attitude on rattlesnakes is outstanding. Thumbs up! Rebecca