Jun 16, 2015

Support the Coyote Challenge

By Rebecca Dmytryk

In addition to managing WES, my husband and I run a for-profit business where we help people resolve their conflicts with wildlife - be it a raccoon in the attic, a skunk under a shed, bats, rats, you name it.

When it comes to coyotes, we face a tough crowd. By the time we're contacted a coyote has often become a problem - there's been a loss or there's fear of an imminent attack. The animal is a perceived threat that must be removed without delay.

When it comes to coyotes, we find people are usually set in their misbeliefs and are far less willing to change their habits than with other species - less willing to adapt to living with these animals as part of their environment, less willing to invest in making modifications to their property even if that is what will solve the problem, yet, they are often quite demanding that something be done, admonishing local officials for not taking action to protect their home, family and pets.

For these people, we offer the Coyote Challenge.

The Coyote Challenge is our pushback to those who believe nothing less than lethal control will work. The Coyote Challenge is also a way for us to help those who truly cannot afford to invest in non-lethal control measures. 

In return, participants agree to share their account of the process and the results - which we expect will be that their coyote problem has been resolved, for good.

With each challenge being documented from beginning to end, we see this as a great opportunity to help people and coyotes while gathering conclusive evidence that non-lethal control methods do work.

The Coyote Challenge officially launched last month and we have 3 applications in the review process.

Duane and I will be donating our time, but we are hoping to collect about $1,500.00 to cover supplies, equipment and associated travel costs. Please help if you can.

For those who contribute $100.00 or more, we have a special treat - you'll be invited to share our journey through a private blog where we post each challenge with frequent updates.

Thank you for supporting the Coyote Challenge!

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