Jan 13, 2016

Coyote v Car

Last night, we were transferred a call through Santa Cruz 911, about a coyote that had been hit by at least one vehicle. Police Officer Hansen was on scene and described the animal somewhat contained - a very kind man (Very brave and talented, too!) was holding the girl - scruffing her by the back of the neck. 

Once scruffed, coyotes tend to 'give in', waiting to feel even a slight relax in the grip for escape.

Our response time was going to be about 45 minutes. Too long. We called Native Animal Rescue to see if they'd respond. Thankfully, they were only minutes away.

In the meantime, we asked if the coyote could be temporarily placed in the back of the police car - in the 'cage', until rescuers arrived, which they did (Thank you Officer Hansen!!!)

NAR rescuers arrived to find the coyote in good shape considering its run-in with a car. The young female coyote, estimated to be about a year and a half old, was transferred into a large crate where it could rest for the night.

The next morning WES transported the coyote to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley for examination.

There, she was sedated for a complete exam including three radiographs. 

Luckily, there were no fractures but she'd sustained injury to her left carpus - some small abrasions and soft tissue damage that will heal quickly. They also found that she had hookworms, but, blood tests did not reveal any exposure to anticoagulant rodenticides.

According to medical staff her prognosis is good. She'll be returned to her home turf next week if all goes well. 

State tuned!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks to the officer and the person involved with helping the young coyote. It is a good change in our world when people are willing to help our wildlife. Great story, thank you all in the care you provide...