Jun 9, 2018

Young girl, little bird, big heart

By Deanna Barth

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Victor and his compassionate daughter Jeanette. 

Early in the morning, Jeanette found a nestling House Sparrow on the ground outside their home. She carefully scooped it up and carried it inside where she asked her parents to help it. They placed it on a soft cloth and began searching online for advice on how to care for it. 

Fearing he would do more harm by feeding it the wrong food, Victor chose to just keep it warm and left a message for me this morning (perfect!). They tucked the baby safely in a box and left it on the front porch so I could pick it up after work.

I was able to collect the baby around midday. I took it home to our (WES') makeshift ER and placed it in the incubator. 

Soon after, it was warm and actively vocalizing, so I began feeding it the proper diet about every 20 minutes. 

Once Victor returned home from work, I headed over to their residence to place the healthy bird back in the nest beneath the roof tile. 

I could hear the other nestlings loudly peeping and parent bird was hopping on the roof waiting impatiently for me to leave. 

A huge THANK YOU! to this lovely family for caring enough to make this wild reunion possible.

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