Sep 26, 2011


...a 24-hour wildlife medic and animal ambulance service for the Bay Area. There is nothing like it - and it is very, very much needed!

The expertise necessary to handle emergencies involving injured and distressed wild animals differs greatly from the skills needed for handling dogs and cats. 

To correctly identify and assess a wild animal's condition, to capture and house it without causing the animal more harm, to provide it with emergency aid - this takes extensive training and experience.

What if it's a healthy baby wild bird and needs to reunited with its family? This, too, requires advanced training and skill, and it can take hours, even days to accomplish. 

There are a number of wildlife hospitals in and around the Bay Area, yet few send rescuers into the field on a regular basis. Animal shelters provide pick-up services as they can, but impounded wildlife must then endure a second journey to an appropriate wildlife center for treatment.

Help us provide San Francisco with a wildlife medic and animal ambulance service beginning March 2012 - it's time.

Make a donation towards the Bay Area animal ambulance HERE.

Save the date - December 3rd, 2 pm - for our gala fundraiser at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Click HERE for more information.