Jan 16, 2012

Wildlife SAR Training Class

The first of this year's Wildlife Search and Rescue trainings was a great success! 

The first part of the training took place indoors and covered the fundamental elements of a rescue mission - human safety, the animal's welfare, and the potential for success. The course also goes into great detail on specific capture technique, safe handling of wildlife, and proper use of capture equipment - which students put into practice during the outdoor portion of the training.

Sometimes, the only way to get close enough to capture a wild animal is to stay out of sight until the last second. One of the training exercises lets students practice with handheld radios, guiding each other through a 'blind' capture of a decoy.

Another decoy, RoboDuck, gives students a chance to practice various approaches. If they aren't spot on, RoboDuck will get passed them. 

Check out the fun video!

Many Thanks to the Berkeley Shorebird Nature Center for providing the facility!

More classes are scheduled: Feb. 12th in Burlingame; Feb. 18th in Moss Landing; Feb. 24th in Berkeley; and March 11 in San Francisco! To sign up, click HERE.

If you are interested in hosting a class, please click HERE.