Jul 12, 2013

Progressive predator policies

Commentary by Rebecca Dmytryk

Today, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted provisions to the state's wolf management program that will make lethal control of wolves involved in livestock deaths a last resort.

The result of a lawsuit brought on by conservationists in 2011, these new rules make previously ambiguous language very, very clear - ranchers must now show that they have implemented non-lethal measures to prevent conflicts with wolves before a depredation permit will be issued. As it should be. 

Ranchers must also show evidence that a particular radio-collared wolf was in the area at the time of the killing to ensure only the problem animals are targeted.

The new rules clearly define "chronic depredation" as four qualifying incidents attributed to the same wolf or wolves within a six-month period, and even under this four-strike policy, the state maintains final say - if the animal is killed or not.

These changes make this one of the most progressive wildlife management plans in the country - a model for others to follow.

Read more, HERE, and a detailed description of the settlement HERE.