Dec 26, 2010

Could we get a little murre with that frankincense?

Christmas Day, Duane and i decided to forego brunch in Pebble Beach, and instead, take the wildlife ambulance on a mission up the coast toward San Francisco looking for animals in distress... doing what we do best!

Just south of Half Moon Bay we spotted a murre on Pomponio State Beach.  He was freshly oiled (probably natural seep) but he was REALLY 'up'. It took some effort to get him before he got back into the water. He was transferred to Peninsula Humane and will be sent to Int'l Bird Rescue for washing and care.

The next poor bird we found was an injured gull. He was wet and hungry and easy to capture. He, too, was taken to a wildlife center for care. Check out the video below.

We probably would have found other birds if the weather had not been so bad. Normally we are able to find large groups of gulls hanging around at 'hot spots', but with the wind and rain there were few.

Dec 11, 2010

2nd Beer Can Collared Gull SAVED!

Today, WildRescue capture specialists traveled to San Francisco State University in hope of capturing a second Budweiser can collared gull that was reported a few of weeks ago.

Thanks to help from a concerned citizen who kept watch over the gull and befriended it with daily handouts, we were able to get close enough to catch the elusive seabird - one of possibly 5 gulls in the Bay Area that have been maliciously captured and collared with cut Budweiser beer cans.

Once netted, the juvenile Western gull was checked thoroughly, on site, by wildlife rehabilitator Mark Russell from International Bird Rescue (Fairfield). It was found to be in good health and was released on the spot. Watch video HERE.

If left on the birds the cans will eventually kill them. Their sharp edges interfere with the feathers causing the birds to lose precious body heat and allowing cold air and water to reach the bird’s skin.

Photo credit: Russ Curtis