Mar 9, 2011

Barn Owl Box 'Raising' - owls get new home...

Today, with helping hands, WildRescue installed a large owl nesting box on a property located in San Martin, CA. We're hoping this is just what a couple of resident barn owls need to get a new family started after their eggs were recovered from a construction site (see below). 

With enough room and a plentiful food supply in the area, this nest box could potentially see hundreds of owls into the world over the coming years.

We want to thank the site's construction company, BVI, for alerting officials of the eggs and assisting with the owl's new home!

This officially kicks off our Helping Hands for Owls Operation (HHoo!) - anyone interested in having an owl box installed on their property should contact us.

1 comment:

Sammarye said...

Yay for you guys! Nice work... makes me wish I was an owl:)