Mar 14, 2011

Gull rescue

Thanks to one of our rescue team volunteers, Sammarye, a broken-winged gull was rescued today after spending a few days unassisted. Though local agencies were alerted Friday, no one had the resources to respond. This highlights the value of our Wildlife Search & Rescue program and the need to have trained volunteers in every community.
Here's Sammarye's account:
Gull was in a very busy, high traffic medical center parking lot, near the front door. Could not fly, but could run pretty fast and was skittish. I had stopped and got Fritos Scoops, just in case. Was interested, but kept moving about 10 feet away. I slowly herded it towards a wall, and then, in a lightening burst of speed :D, netted it with my big net. Carried it to the crate, covered crate with a tee shirt and drove to WCSV. Following WR protocol, after delivery of gull, I ate the Fritos :D
Thank you Samm! Thank you WCSV - hope you can fix its wing!

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